Wednesday, November 20, 2013

How to Overcome Professor Anxiety

Are you anxious because you do not understand you professor. You are not alone.  Millions of college and K12 students have this experience every year. There is something you can do about it and it starts with you. Half of the battle is having the right attitude about the class. In other words expect success and you will have it or expect failure and you will have it. My suggestion is that you get help from a good tutor right away. Don't try to do it by yourself because the anxiety will make you feel even worse about the class. Also identify a classmate who is doing well and who can share their knowledge with you. Here are some other things you should do:

1. Sit at the front of the class

2. Meet during office hours

3. Ask if you can record the lecture

4. Create a study group

5. Pick up other books from the library 

6.  Go to websites that focus on the topic that you are studying

7. Get a tutor the first day

8.  Make sure to meet with the professor before every examination

9.  Don't let negative thoughts take over your confidence

10.  Get plenty of exercise and eat right to reduce your stress.

A difficult class and instructor can cause you to stretch your mind. It will teach you that you can learn even in a difficult situation. Don't give up. You will never win the race that your never decided to run. Finally,  create a follow up list of things that you need to study every day. To learn how to improve your study habits Dr. Stephen Jones is author of the "Secrets of How to Study" at

Monday, January 14, 2013

10 Tips to Reduce Your Company’s Health Insurance Costs

For the past 25 years there has been an ongoing debate about the cost of health insurance. Companies have responded by implementing healthy living strategies to overcome the increasing cost of health care.  Employees who are young and more seasoned can be hit by a health event that can have a negative effect on their company’s finances.  There are CEOs who have decided to take a preemptive strike on the cost of health care. They recognize that the cost of health insurance is increasing for small and large companies.  One specific way to change the fitness culture of a company is offering creative ways for everyone to get involved.  Here are some things that companies are doing to promote healthy living and to reduce company expenses:
1.  Create an employee walking path on company grounds
2.  Develop a weight loss competition
3.  Establish a healthy eating program on the company website
4.  Support for individuals who participate in health causes like a cancer walk
5.  Discounts to join a fitness center
6.  Create a bicycle path for employees and have company bicycles
7.  Build a fitness center in the company building
8.  Offer health and fitness classes to employees
9.  Offer more choices of low calorie and healthy food in the company cafeteria
10.  Offer a personal weight training course
There are things that a company can do to reduce health insurance costs.  Hiring a health coach is another way to help all employees to have access to someone who can keep them to remain focused.  Too many employees start the year with great health goals and then they give up after the second month of the year.  More companies need to survey their employees to uncover the best healthy living suggestions.  If you are not following this trend now is the time to get on board.
If you are interested in this and other business topics, I invite you to be a guest on the WWDB 860 am radio program called the Board Room meeting. This radio program will give you an opportunity to share business issues that are affecting your company.  Send an email expressing your interest to

Thursday, February 9, 2012

High school students need a bridge to College

Springfield, Pa. - Annually, over 10 million high school students begin the process of applying to college. Their expectation is that college will be the same as high school. They remember getting 15 minutes of homework and studying on the bus on their way to the first class of the day. Everything seemed so easy and studying sufficiently was not a big deal. Unfortunately many students arrive to college unaware that they may not have adequate preparation for the rigors of college. Something needs to be done to bridge the gap in college preparation.

It seems that school superintendents and college presidents rarely talk about college preparation best practices. Therefore the high school curriculum seems far apart from the college curriculum. The local high school is mostly concerned about meeting state standards that are established concerning each course. They are also entrapped by No Child Left Behind policies that threaten schools with Adequate Yearly Progress requirements. Teachers are spending more time preparing students for state tests rather than preparing them for college. High school administrators understand that a significant amount of funding could be affected by an inability to meet state and federal testing standards.

In spite of these challenges college presidents need to do a better job of meeting with high school principals to discuss the type of courses that prepare students for college. They can do this by also identifying high schools that frequently send them students who have graduated from their college. They can identify a high school college admission grade point average that stands out. It may also be a good idea for high school administrators to talk to their former students about their college experiences. They can provide their perspective on which classes actually prepared them for college life.

There is a benefit when entire colleges and school districts work together. The teachers who are completing degrees become more sensitive to the challenge of preparing high school students for college. The teachers who express an interest in teaching high school students can incorporate new knowledge into their courses. These teachers can also talk to high school students about their college experiences. They can give them some ideas regarding books that they can study while they are completing their high school requirements.

High school students don’t have to feel that preparing for college is only a dream. They don’t have to go to college and stumble through classes that are too difficult. They can receive insights in their classes about college life that make the college transition much easier. Some students might decide to take a college course while they are in high school so that they can get a first hand experience regarding the amount of studying that’s required.

Moving past the road blocks that prevent college presidents and superintendents from coming together will require a commitment. Both groups must spend time coming together and having discussions in the region where they can easily collaborate. Now is the time for college administrators and school superintendents to collaborate and to prepare students for postsecondary education of the future.

Thursday, December 31, 2009

10 Ways to Welcome January 2010

There are many outstanding and creative ways to welcome 2010. Time to cast off the old and focus on new opportunities. The year 2010 is a chance to make a big difference in the way that you think and accomplish your goals. So here are ten things that you can do to welcome the New Year.

1. Identify a song that will be your theme for the year.

2. Start the first day of the year by volunteering to help someone

3. Brainstorm a new business that will expand on your current building

4. Start the education or training that you have been putting off

5. Write a book it's easier than you think

6. Start a new club that will help youth to become leaders

7. Break an old pattern that is creating negative thoughts about your future

8. Call at least one different relative each week

9. Seek the advice of more than one person to complete your project

10. Try a new healthy meal each week

Feel free to add to this list. The year 2010 is full of possibilities. It's time to think out of the box. Dr. Stephen Jones is an education expert at

Friday, December 25, 2009

7 Reasons to Give Thanks on Christmas

Christmas is a great way to close the year. Thinking of how God sent Jesus to change the world and bring peace to hearts and minds. I have spent the year focusing on reasons to be thankful. It reminds me that my good time far outweigh the challenging times. What are you thankful for? Here are my seven things that inspired me during 2009.

1. I am thankful for God's word which has been a light in darkness.

2. My wife son and daughter are my greatest supporters

3. Each day I live is a chance for 1% improvement or 365% in one year.

4. I learned from my mistakes and I challenged myself to do something new

5. I had an opportunity top help hundreds of students and parents

6. All of the contacts I have made throughout the various social networks are so sincere about helping students to achieve their dreams

7. Working at Villanova University inspires me to help students to reach their career goals

I look forward to hearing from you. Tell me about your goals for 2010? How I can help?

Monday, December 21, 2009

Online Tutoring Service

My Name is Dr. Stephen Jones and I have established a new partnership with AcademicOne an online tutoring service. AcademicOne provides live tutors to supplement student instruction in grades K-12 / community colleges / technical schools, as well as four-year university institutions. Tutoring is available Sunday through Thursday 12:00PM to 12:00AM. Topics include Basic Math, Algebra I & Algebra II, Geometry, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, Calculus & AP Calculus, Statistics and Probability Basic Science, Biology & AP Biology, Chemistry & AP Chemistry, Physics and AP Physics. This service is offered on the lower portion of my website. To find out more visit

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Facebook Poll titled Should President Obama be Killed a Sign of the Times

A few weeks ago when Congressman Joe Wilson called President Obama a liar it was infuriating. It was clear that this feeling was in his heart and he could not hold it back. It expressed a sentiment that others in the audience would not express. Yesterday marked another disappointing day when someone posted a Facebook poll asking whether President Obama should be killed. There is a ground swell of anti-President Obama people who are making race the issue not health care.

In this case this ugly poll is an indication that the country is taking one step forward and two steps backward. The right to express your self has taken on a whole new meaning. It seems that there is a lack of respect for the office of the president. Having President Obama in office should be an opportunity to demonstrate to the world that the United States can accept all people regardless of race or gender as leaders. We cannot let the people who are limited in foresight to dominate the internet and the news.

It’s time that those who support President Obama stand up in louder voices and express support. The other day I received a Facebook e-mail asking for daily prayer for President Obama. Why not send a flood of e-mail o the White House expressing our support and prayers for President Obama. Why not write a positive article on your blog or to your local newspaper to change the atmosphere of negativity that is buzzing through society. We all can make a difference.

It’s time to move this country forward rather than return to the days when race was presented as a limitation. Let’s not let negativity prevail. We need to send a message that we believe that President Obama is an excellent choice for the Office of the President. The current challenges that this country is facing requires a unified commitment from all of us. People who are on the fringes who promote hate on the internet, radio and television are out of touch. In this moment in history let us stand for the right cause. Dr Stephen Jones is an education expert who you can visit at