Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Facebook Poll titled Should President Obama be Killed a Sign of the Times

A few weeks ago when Congressman Joe Wilson called President Obama a liar it was infuriating. It was clear that this feeling was in his heart and he could not hold it back. It expressed a sentiment that others in the audience would not express. Yesterday marked another disappointing day when someone posted a Facebook poll asking whether President Obama should be killed. There is a ground swell of anti-President Obama people who are making race the issue not health care.

In this case this ugly poll is an indication that the country is taking one step forward and two steps backward. The right to express your self has taken on a whole new meaning. It seems that there is a lack of respect for the office of the president. Having President Obama in office should be an opportunity to demonstrate to the world that the United States can accept all people regardless of race or gender as leaders. We cannot let the people who are limited in foresight to dominate the internet and the news.

It’s time that those who support President Obama stand up in louder voices and express support. The other day I received a Facebook e-mail asking for daily prayer for President Obama. Why not send a flood of e-mail o the White House expressing our support and prayers for President Obama. Why not write a positive article on your blog or to your local newspaper to change the atmosphere of negativity that is buzzing through society. We all can make a difference.

It’s time to move this country forward rather than return to the days when race was presented as a limitation. Let’s not let negativity prevail. We need to send a message that we believe that President Obama is an excellent choice for the Office of the President. The current challenges that this country is facing requires a unified commitment from all of us. People who are on the fringes who promote hate on the internet, radio and television are out of touch. In this moment in history let us stand for the right cause. Dr Stephen Jones is an education expert who you can visit at www.studyskills2u.com.

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