Wednesday, November 20, 2013

How to Overcome Professor Anxiety

Are you anxious because you do not understand you professor. You are not alone.  Millions of college and K12 students have this experience every year. There is something you can do about it and it starts with you. Half of the battle is having the right attitude about the class. In other words expect success and you will have it or expect failure and you will have it. My suggestion is that you get help from a good tutor right away. Don't try to do it by yourself because the anxiety will make you feel even worse about the class. Also identify a classmate who is doing well and who can share their knowledge with you. Here are some other things you should do:

1. Sit at the front of the class

2. Meet during office hours

3. Ask if you can record the lecture

4. Create a study group

5. Pick up other books from the library 

6.  Go to websites that focus on the topic that you are studying

7. Get a tutor the first day

8.  Make sure to meet with the professor before every examination

9.  Don't let negative thoughts take over your confidence

10.  Get plenty of exercise and eat right to reduce your stress.

A difficult class and instructor can cause you to stretch your mind. It will teach you that you can learn even in a difficult situation. Don't give up. You will never win the race that your never decided to run. Finally,  create a follow up list of things that you need to study every day. To learn how to improve your study habits Dr. Stephen Jones is author of the "Secrets of How to Study" at