Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Senator Edward Kennedy Dies at 77

Senator Edward Kennedy a friend of the poor and champion of education died at 77 last night. From my days as a young child I remember my parent’s disappointment over the death of John F. Kennedy his bother. I suppose they were inspired by the President’s enthusiasm for civil rights. Senator Edward Kennedy took up the challenge to continue the push for the civil treatment of all Americans. He was not afraid to battle for issues that he felt were important. He was a liberal who knew how to engage republicans when there were mutually agreeable benefits. I think he valued education because he recognized the limitations that it would place on the growth of the nation.

One of the characteristics that Senator Kennedy exhibited was that of a servant. He realized that it was his duty to be concerned about the condition of the common person. Even while he was ill with cancer he still continued to champion causes that he valued. He will be missed when issues regarding education come before the congress and senate. We need more legislators who will stand up for education and the civil rights of all citizens. This country needs more people who will realize that nothing will change as long as we to lose our global position in the area of education. My prayers are with the Kennedy family on this day.